Former All Black coach and school principal Sir Graham Henry supports strike

Former teacher and principal Sir Graham Henry has announced he's extremely supportive of the teachers' strike.

Speaking to The AM Show Sir Graham said he believes teaching is the most important profession in the world.

"We need to get it right, we need to find the right strategy, it's our future, it's our kids," he said.

Sir Graham said he looks back on his 25 years spent as a teacher and 10 years spent as a principal fondly and teaching needs to get the passion back.

"I was paid to go to university because I was becoming a teacher, I know that's a hundred years ago, but we had bloody good teachers," he said.

"Young men, young people who were very passionate about teaching we need to get the passion back."

Host Duncan Garner brought up the fact a back bench MP is paid far more than even a senior teacher and Sir Graham said it was very clear to him which profession is more worthwhile.

"You know a headmaster is much more important than a politician."


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