Malcolm Rewa trial will be traumatic for victims - expert

  • 07/08/2018

There are fears the re-trial of serial rapist Malcolm Rewa will be difficult for his other victims.

The High Court has ruled Rewa will be tried over the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett for the third time, after only being found guilty of her rape.

HELP executive director, Kathryn McPhillips, says it will be tough for his other 25 victims.

"I think this will impact everybody because the nature of his crimes were horrendous," she says.

Ms McPhillips says it could trigger memories for those he has hurt in the past.

"His name's back up again and the kind of things he did are being talked about again can take people back to their own experiences," she says.

Ms McPhillips is urging victims to get in touch, if they need help.

If you have witnessed or experienced sexual harassment or assault and would like to speak to someone, you could call the HELP support service.

Auckland: (09) 623 1700 or visit

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