New indoor skydiving in Queenstown could see new sports team take flight

A new tourist venture in Queenstown could help launch the country's newest sports team, with indoor skydiving having just landed in the adventure capital.

It's not the first time inside one of these futuristic-looking tubes for Amy Watson and Sarah Yates.

The pair are Australia's top junior freestyle indoor skydivers and they went to Queenstown to showcase its newest attraction, the iFLY, on Friday.

"There's heaps of amazing flyers out there, and they're constantly coming up with new moves that I always want to try out," Yates told Newshub.

Tunnel flight is a fast-growing sport that's taken her around the world, competing in both vertical formation skydiving and the more zen-like freestyle.

"So it's basically like a gymnastics routine, but in the air," she said.

The basics can be tackled by anyone as young as five but it's not cheap - a starter pack of lessons and flights inside the 4.5 metre-high glass flight chamber will set you back $150.

Two massive fans provide the lift, with winds of 270 kilometres an hour, and the cushion of air gives thrillseekers an instant adrenaline rush.

The indoor facilities are owned by husband-and-wife team Gary and Emma Beyer, who are both former outdoor Skydiving World Champions.

And there's hope iFLY's top Queenstown instructors can form the country's first national body flight team and fly the New Zealand flag overseas.

Mr Beyer told Newshub his ultimate goal is to get a full Kiwi team competing on the world stage.

"That'll be the highlight of my life if I saw that happen," he said.

The growing sport also has higher ambitions, with some of the world's top competitors preparing to stage a demonstration for Olympic bosses.

"If we get through that section, we will be competing at the Olympics in the next couple of years," Mr Beyer said.

It's giving indoor skydivers here time to launch their sporting careers.