Opinion: Warriors' drink-driving sting a creative and successful stunt

Cops and Warriors on the beat in South Auckland.

It could have been mistaken for an odd late-night meet and greet. Stutter your way nervously through a breath test and if you pass, you meet a player.

Basically, everyone stopped got a ticket - although 21 drunk-drivers caught over the limit got one they probably weren't expecting, but deserved.

The rest, the 'sober-Ds', the Uber drivers, the ones out on an alcohol-free Saturday drive got tickets to the Vodafone Warriors' next home game.

A present for fans - a punishment for those who are not. But like all gifts, it was the thought that counts.

And that's "don't drink drive" - a basic message sent by police that, for some, is getting lost in the mail.

Last night, police called upon the rugby league stars to deliver it in the hopes they'd reach drivers not listening to police. The team used as role models; if the players think it's uncool, so should others.

It was a creative publicity stunt that proved successful in its execution.

In what's likely a police-first, cars full of fans willingly drove through the stop several times.

A group of screaming fan girls did laps around the check point to snap a picture of fan favourite Shaun Johnson.

Then there were the diehard Warriors fans - one almost overcome with emotion at how proud of the team he was. It's not clear if that's for driving home the drink driving message, or because they're finally winning.

Either way, the 3000 cars through the booze bus stops got the message, helped by both the Warriors presence and presents at the Saturday night checkpoints.

Emma Cropper is a TV reporter for Newshub