Rosehill College brawl: Alarming new footage captures scale of frenzied punch-up

Warning: This video contains violence which may disturb some viewers. It has been heavily blurred to protect the identities of those in the footage.

New footage has emerged displaying the scale and ferocity of a Rosehill College punch-up, the day before the school went into lockdown following another brawl.

An anonymous source told Newshub there have been "multiple fights" at the school recently, and said it's an unsafe place.

Inspector Tony Wakelin from Counties Manukau Police confirmed to Newshub that police were called to the school after reports of several students fighting at 2:09pm. 

In the video sent to Newshub, a large group of mostly male students appear to be involved in a massive brawl, each of them wearing the Rosehill College school uniform. 

One student can be seen slamming a backpack over another student, while others are punched in the face, shoved around and thrown to the ground. 

In the background, other students can be seen cheering from the sidelines, while others appeared distressed. 

An anonymous student told Newshub police were called to the school because students' parents were fighting students on their children's behalf. 

The "multiple fights" that have broken out at the school in recent times even lead to gang members from Black Power entering the premises, another source said. 

Police were carrying out area enquiries on surrounding streets when they were called back to the college on Thursday afternoon, but there were no students fighting on their arrival.