Shadowclad: Homeowners begin class action against Carter Holt Harvey

Dozens of homeowners are taking legal action in Auckland High Court against a manufacturer of timber cladding.

They are claiming $40 million, alleging Shadowclad, made by Carter Holt Harvey, caused mouldy homes.

But lawyer Adina Thorn says it's not just about the money.

"It's about being able to restore their homes back to how they were, but it's more than that - it's about compensation for their health and safety issues."

Ms Thorn says she'd be delighted if Carter Holt Harvey wanted to talk.

"Each and every one of these owners want to have a conversation with Carter Holt Harvey and do want a solution."

The Ministry of Education filed a separate class action lawsuit against the same manufacturer in 2016.

"These homeowners have got the same problem that the Ministry of Education say they've got."

The company is denying the allegations.