Takapuna locals fuming as wall impedes popular beachfront walkway

Owners of a beachfront house have built a wall encroaching on one of the most popular walking tracks in Auckland.

The wall is so close to the beach that many locals say it's now dangerous to get around at high tide - making it a beachside walk that's becoming more of a slippery scramble.

Local resident Peter Rae says it's a glorious little walkway with a dreadful wall. He has been running along this patch of coast for 34 years, but recently it's got more difficult.   

"It was always tight, but it's much tighter now," he said.

That's because of the seawall, part of a three-year build by the owners of a beachfront property. The wall is being constructed across the front of the section.

The problem is, that's also along the popular Milford to Takapuna coastal walk.

Mr Rae, who works in geology, says the walk is iconic.

"It features in geological textbooks - I think the council have absolutely failed the people of Auckland on this one."

The site's construction manager says the foundations are only 300mm closer to the ocean than the previous wire fence - the one that stood at the site for about 40 years.

"That's the socket point there, so this wall's out about three quarters of a metre," Mr Rae said.

Residents say they are concerned about the narrowing track. 

"Negotiating your way along those rocks can be a challenge, and it's pushed it out," one said.

"The rocks are really slippery on certain days, and sharp, I've seen people take a tumble and cut and bleeding," said another.

Auckland Council says it began investigating the seawall after receiving two complaints.

While the overall development has been granted resource consent, that doesn't cover the sea wall - so it's ordered work on it to be stopped until its investigation is completed.

There are calls for the council to do more.

Plans for a proposed $8.8 million for the Takapuna to Milford walkway are on hold - but if it was to get rebooted, it would certainly be a less perilous way to bring home the shopping.