Weather: NIWA reveals what spring has in store for New Zealand

We've made it through winter, and now spring is approaching New Zealand.

NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll appeared on The AM Show on Friday - and says we've had a "mild winter".

"Certainly the facts and the figures that come out here after winter, [it's] probably going to be a top five, maybe, warmest winter on record here in New Zealand," he told host Duncan Garner.

However he warns it's time to rug up again as spring starts with a "bit of a cold snap" next week.

"Despite the mild end to winter we do have some wintery patterns coming up," he said.

"It starts on a cooler note, so some cool snaps as we go through the month of September, maybe some snow as well down south and in the central plateau next week.

"Looks like those cooler patterns will ease as we get towards the later part of the spring season - so we as go into November - overall, the executive summary, near average temperatures."

Farmers may have to watch out as the weather patterns bring a shortage of water.

"Rainfall, this on the below normal side perhaps for the South Island," he warns.

"This can have an impact on the agricultural sector, so irrigation may start a little bit early."

But there could be a positive side: "Get outside, do some early tramps, sunshine, good days to get outside and enjoy," he says.


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