What's behind this creepy weather cam picture?

  • 18/08/2018
What's behind this creepy weather cam photo?
What's behind this creepy weather cam photo? Photo credit: Twitter - @MetService

A creepy image captured on Metservice's weather camera has left people scratching their heads as to what it could be.

The image was caught on their Mt Cook webcam on Friday night and shared on Twitter.

While for some people the image looks like two creepy eyes, others can see a smiley face and are calling it cute instead. 

Among the guesses was a terrifying 'face of horror' from the film Smiley.

Another person had more of a science-based theory, suggesting it was electricity trapped in the atmosphere.

A few hours later and after some interesting guesses, Metservice confirmed what it believed the picture really was.

Its theory was that it was a car's headlights refracting in the water drops on a camera lens, giving an image that looked like a smile and eyes.