Young New Zealand entrepreneur sets up seed selling business

Issy Williams may still be at primary school, but she's already an entrepreneur.

The 11-year-old grew up surrounded by vege gardens, and now she's helping people across the country to start their own.

When she was choosing a social enterprise project at school an organic produce business was a no-brainer.

People can order seeds from Issy and start their own vege patches at home. In her first month of trading she sold 200 packets.

"I think it's important for people to grow their own veges because it's healthy and organic," she told The Project.

She was able to start her business Seedbox with a $2000 loan from her dad Todd Williams, who says he's "incredibly proud".

"She's work tremendously hard, she's learnt the value of hard yakka," he said.

Issy is hoping to pay back the loan to her dad before Christmas.

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