Amanda Gillies slams New Zealand's progress for women on Suffrage Day

The AM Show newsreader Amanda Gillies has slammed New Zealand's lack of progress for women on Suffrage Day, saying there's a way to go before the country reaches equality.

Wednesday marks 125 years since NZ women won the right to vote after years of campaigning and protests led by Kate Sheppard.

Gillies said a lot has changed since 1893 but, in 2018, the country is lagging behind in important areas like women on boards and in leadership roles.

"We have to continue the fight for equal rights, for equal pay, for a place on the board and to be the CEO," she said.

"We still aren't on the same page as men, there's still a belief for many that at the end of the day it's a man's world. "

She said a recent report had placed NZ 33rd out of 35 countries for women in leadership, on boards and in senior management roles.

NZ has got a female Prime Minister and Governor General, but that Gilles said that needs to be the rule and not the exception.

"We need to continue to speak out, we need our voices to be heard all the time," she said.

"New Zealand is home to amazing strong powerful women leaders who can make change, just look at what Kate Sheppard did."