Auckland Council considering euthanasia for cats without microchips

Cats without microchips who are found in sites of ecological significance around Auckland may soon be euthanised.

The move is part of Auckland Council's renewed Regional Pest Management Plan, which plans to protect our native wildlife.

"This is all about protecting our fragile native bird population in those areas that have been set aside for bird release," says Auckland Council Environment and Community Committee chair Penny Hulse.

Areas where traps may be introduced include Tawharanui, Shakespear Regional Park, Ark in the Park, the Hunua Kokako Management Area and Aotea on Great Barrier Island.

The council says the absence of a microchip will be used to determine whether a cat is considered a pest or not. It says it will give plenty of warning to people who live around those areas.

Auckland Council considering euthanasia for cats without microchips
Photo credit: Newshub

"When we do trap cats, we'll be checking for microchips and taking the cats home, and when they don't have microchips we'll be holding them for a good amount of time to give people a chance," Ms Hulse says.

She stresses that suburban cats aren't part of the plan.

"It's I think been interpreted as us going out there and rounding up cats around the whole of Auckland and euthanising them and nothing could be further from the truth."

The SPCA is advising anybody who has a cat to get them microchipped.

The final decision from Auckland Council will be announced in March.