Auckland's homeless to be counted

Auckland's first region-wide count of the homeless will go ahead on Monday night.

Around 1000 volunteers will count rough sleepers between Wellsford and Waiuku to help work out if we are meeting the needs of people who don't have shelter.

Moira Lawler from Lifewise says it will be hard to count everyone.

"I think we're likely to establish a kind of minimum number… you can't guarantee you've found everyone."

 The count will start at 9:30pm, and continue through the early hours of the morning.

Ms Lawler says the data will be extremely valuable.

"That will give us a baseline so we have a sense of whether the various things everyone is doing - Government, community organisations, council - whether they're really making a difference."

Last year, Auckland Council estimated there were more than 23,000 homeless in Auckland, though not all would be rough sleepers.

The Government announced a $100 million plan to combat homelessness in May.