Baskets stolen from Countdown supermarkets in Auckland

Baskets stolen from Countdown supermarkets in Auckland
Photo credit: Supplied

Supermarket shopping baskets have gone missing from Countdown stores in Orewa and Silverdale as customers forget their reusable bags.

It costs $1 or 15 cents to buy a reusable bag in store, depending on what type of bag you buy. But it appears that's too much for some customers who are taking shopping baskets away with them, according to community news website Local Matters.

It started happening after the removal of single-use plastic bags from both stores in mid-August.

Shoppers and staff told Local Matters it was sometimes difficult to find carry baskets in the Orewa supermarket because of people taking the baskets.

"We've heard of baskets going missing on a few occasions but the majority of customers are bringing their own reusable bags when they shop with us and we thank them for being so supportive of our move to rid New Zealand of millions of plastic bags each year," a Countdown spokesperson said.

They did not comment on whether the problem was happening nationwide.

"We've had a great response from customers across the country who are keen to make the move away from plastic bags, including customers in Orewa and Silverdale," they said.

An anonymous shopper told Newshub they recently took a Countdown shopping basket home, but they will bring it back.

"I just didn't want to buy a plastic bag because that's not helping the issue," they said.