Brutal new footage of ruthless Massey High School fight raises questions

Warning: This video contains violence which may disturb some viewers. It has been heavily blurred to protect the identities of those in the footage.

Newshub has obtained new and brutal footage from Wednesday's brawl at Massey High School that casts doubt over the college's version of events.

Police were called to the college after a lunchtime fight broke out at around 1:40pm. They say they were notified of "disorder" involving a group of students.

The school posted to its official Facebook page that students from another school attempted to enter the Massey grounds. It also claimed no one was injured in the fight.

However, eyewitness accounts and footage filmed by students suggest those details may be in question. Footage shows a vicious fracas on what appears to be an area just outside a Massey High School building, suggesting it's on school grounds.

Footage also shows a large number of people participating in the fight, in which at least one person appears to have been dealt heavy blows to the face and body.

Another video sent to Newshub shows a student removing what appears to be a sharp object from his sock before entering the brawl. Earlier accounts suggested someone was stabbed in the fight, but St John told Newshub it hadn't heard or been called out to anything of that nature.

Another anonymous student said while he wasn't sure if a stabbing had occurred, he knew of at least one boy who had suffered a cut across his cheek in the scuffle.

Repeated attempts from Newshub to get comment from Massey High School went unanswered.

Numerous students contacted Newshub alleging Massey High School was not acknowledging the severity of the incident. One said "everyone became more angry" after seeing its Facebook post, which was also heavily criticised.

He said students had been banned from sharing footage of the fight online, and had been threatened with suspension if they were caught doing so.

The student claimed the brawl was triggered by a now-deleted Instagram video of a rap battle at Massey High School, which a neighbouring school had caught wind of and was reacting to.


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