Christchurch school kid practices rugby with his pet sheep

Christchurch school student Rhod Gerrard plays rugby for St Andrew's College under-16As.

And his secret weapon for beating the opposition? Practicing with his sheep. 

"I'm a hooker, right in the front row, get in the mix of it," he says.

And for extra training - he plays with Prenedale sheep.

"There a few big boys in my grade and I had to get a bit more comfortable with the hit they put on. So I got Pete out to see if he could show me a few tricks."

Yes, Pete's not a team-mate, nor his older brother, Pete's a sheep.

So what do his team-mates of his new training partner?

"They wanted me to bring in him one time, show them all a lesson but the coach wasn't too impressed with the idea so we scrapped it."

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