'DEVAST8' tattoo man facing new charges - report

A Kiwi man famous for having the word 'DEVAST8' tattooed on his face is reportedly facing new charges.

Mark Cropp, now 21, got the infamous tattoo in prison while he was drunk on homebrew. He made headlines in 2017 after complaining he couldn't get a job because of it.

The Herald on Sunday reports Cropp is now facing charges of male assaults female and threatening to kill. The trial will be held by a judge alone in November.

Cropp was offered laser surgery to have the tattoo - which covers the lower half of his face - removed, but declined after one session.

The father-of-two's last prison stint was for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell them fake cannabis.

Cropp's girlfriend told the Daily Mail Australia he later accepted a job as a scaffolding worker, and then as a chicken chaser.

"He said 'the chickens don't care about my face - they don't care whether I have a tattoo or not'," his girlfriend told UK paper The Mirror.


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