Dozens of bunkers possibly shipped to New Zealand could be unconsented

Dozens of doomsday bunkers could be hiding in New Zealand completely unconsented.

US Company Rising S has reportedly shipped 35 underground bunkers capable of weathering the apocalypse to our shores, but councils have no idea.

The New Yorker first published reports wealthy people overseas were investing in New Zealand in case of a disaster in January. Several of the bunkers made their way here in September.

Rising S general manager Gary Lynch told Bloomberg New Zealand is the perfect place for his clients to put their bunkers.

"New Zealand is an enemy of no one," he said. "It's not a nuclear target. It's not a target for war. It's a place where people seek refuge."

According to Mr Lynch a pair bunkers entered New Zealand earlier this year, one through Picton to settle in West Coast and another Auckland's Waitemata.

But Port of Picton has no idea about any shipment. A spokesperson for the port told Newshub it was not aware of any underground bunkers entering the country.

Grey District consents manager said he hadn't seen any applications for the bunker, and one would definitely be necessary.

Further north Tasman District Council spokesman Chris Choat had also not seen any consents for his district. He said the amount of paperwork for a bunker would be immense.

"The paperwork would be mountainous, let alone consents needed to service such a bunker that would need to be sealed so the inhabitants can survive an apocalypse," he said.

"I would question the veracity of the claims."