'Evil rich guy' Mark Richardson unhappy with tax recommendations

Mark Richardson isn't happy with the possibility he might have to pay more tax.

The Government's Tax Working Group released its initial recommendations into improving the tax system on Thursday, including changes to capital income tax.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the changes are intended to increase fairness and balance in the tax system because some New Zealanders aren't paying their fair share.

The Project host Jesse Mulligan praised the recommendations, and said anyone opposed to a capital gains tax is selfish and greedy - a comment that touched a nerve with Richardson.

"When you were referring to the rich people, did you have me in mind?" he asked.

"Well, are you one of the evil rich people or the good rich people?" Mulligan replied.

Richardson says the issue of what he calls a "Robin Hood tax" is more complicated than people might think.

"It might actually surprise you that I see good and bad, pros and cons, positives and negatives in this thing.

"The con, if they do implement this tax, is that I'll be forced to work for a few more years - and that's probably good for no one."

"No one wants The Block season 502, mate," quipped guest host Justine Smith.

But what Richardson described as the upside to the possible changes didn't sit well with his fellow hosts.

"The pro is that I think if they are to implement these tax changes, it will be the death of this current Government, and I see that as nothing but a positive."

Mulligan called his remarks "scare tactics", and Kanoa Lloyd wasn't impressed either.

"He's really firmly putting himself in the evil rich guy category," she remarked.