Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III arriving in Auckland as part of 'Making Oil History' Tour

The Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior III is arriving in Auckland as part of the 'Making Oil History' tour.

The Rainbow Warrior III has just spent two days docked at Matauri Bay. The visit paid tribute to its original counterpart, bombed by the French secret service in 1985, while carrying out a peaceful anti-nuclear protest.

On Wednesday, the public can attend a welcome for the boat at Princes Wharf in Auckland at 10:30am.

Kiwi Don McGlashan will welcome the boat with his classic song 'Anchor Me', which was also recorded in 2005 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the sinking of the original Rainbow Warrior.

The ship will be stationed at Princes Wharf in Auckland until Sunday.

According to a statement from Greenpeace, "during the tour, it will meet with communities from across the country and invite supporters on board to meet the crew."

In Auckland, open boat tours for the public will be held from September 14-16.

Greenpeace New Zealand executive director Dr Russel Norman says the ship has become "part of our national identity, as a symbol of New Zealand's successful Nuclear Free movement."

"This year, we once again become world leaders on what is now the greatest threat of our time," Dr Norman says.

"It's fitting that the Rainbow Warrior has travelled across the world to be here to celebrate New Zealand's bold action on climate change - action only made possible by a a decade-long movement against oil, hundreds of thousands of people strong."

The ship will go on to tour the country, stopping in centres including Auckland, Whangaparaoa Bay, Wellington, Kaikōura, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Stewart Island.