Jackie Clark tears up describing work helping domestic abuse victims

Supreme Woman of Influence Award winner Jackie Clark has tearfully described her work connecting with domestic abuse victims.

She runs charity The Aunties, which helps provide victims with urgently needed items after they escape violent situations. It puts the call out on social media to ask directly for specific items for families.


Ms Clark was speaking to The AM Show on Wednesday when host Duncan Garner asked her what the victims she works with need.

She emotionally responded that what they need - and often don't have - is somebody to talk to.

"They need somebody to hear them. It's what they need. They need somebody to tell their story to," she said.

"I mean there are immediate needs like food, [but] they want to be heard and seen and they're not.

"A really big part of my job is the emotional support. I sit at kitchen tables with women and I take them to lunch when I first meet them and we just talk about our lives. They just are so relieved that someone is there for them."

Ms Clark went on to say she forms an emotional connection with the victims she works with as they comprise a big part of her life.

"It's not a burden at all, I love these women... these women are tattooed on my skin and they're tattooed on my heart," she said.

"That sounds really dramatic, but this is my life, they're my life."