John Tamihere hints he'll run for Auckland Mayor

Former politician and broadcaster John Tamihere could be set to take on Phil Goff for Auckland's mayoralty.

The former Minister spoke to the council on Thursday about a housing development south of the city.

Now the CEO of the Waipareira Trust, he made a submission around its Papatoetoe Housing Development. The Auckland Council wants a mix of 30 percent social housing and the rest affordable and private units.

Mr Tamihere, a former Labour Party minister, says 30 percent isn't enough - and challenged the mixed housing model.

"I understand the dream, and the dream is that we should all live together in harmony, rich and poor - but that's not how it works," he said.

But while pushing one issue, he wasn't shy when asked about another - whether he wants to become Mayor.

"I consider a lot of things, and that's one of them," he said.

"I've never backed down from coming forward and advocating on behalf of our community. People call your bluff and you've got to stand up, alright?"

Mr Tamihere left Parliament in 2005, but not before calling his colleagues "queers" and "front-bums". On Thursday he suggested there's still a "sisterhood" there.

"You know, it's #MeToo and all that stuff," he remarked.

If Mr Tamihere does run for Mayor next year, it won't be his first tilt at local body politics. In 2007, he ran for Mayor of Waitakere City, losing to Sir Bob Harvey.

A showdown now looms with his former Labour colleague, but Phil Goff says he won't be losing any sleep.

"It's not for me to comment for other people who say they will contest the mayoralty. The public will make their mind up."

Just when Mr Tamihere will make up his mind about running is unclear, saying he first has to convince his wife and family.


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