Large Wellington social housing development unveiled

A brand new social housing development is being unveiled in Wellington.

The 104-unit complex in Mt Cook with room for up to 324 people replaces one that was around half the size with 57 units.

Councillor Brian Dawson says it's about getting the most out of the land.

"Arlington's quite unique because it's as close to the central city as you're going to get. Fantastic location, huge potential."

A dawn blessing took place on Monday morning.

Mr Dawson says around 400 people are on the waiting list for housing.

"This is particularly going to increase that essential part of the city's housing stock, which is really getting squeezed out."

The Arlington units are insulated and would pass the Wellington City Council's warrant of fitness standard if they were tested. They're part of the council's $400 million housing upgrade programme over the next 20 years.