New CCTV cameras on Auckland city bus lanes

New CCTV cameras on Auckland city bus lanes
Photo credit: Auckland Transport

New CCTV cameras have been installed in bus lanes on Queen St, Hobson St and Khyber Pass Rd in central Auckland, in an effort to keep cars out.

"A bus can move around 70 people, it's much more efficient than clogging the roads with cars," says Auckland Transport spokesman John Strawbridge.

Drivers who illegally drive in bus lanes can face a $150 fine.

The cameras are programmed to send alerts about possible infringements to Auckland Transport, then staff decide whether or not to issue a fine.

CCTV cameras were installed on Fanshawe St in July last year, leading to a jump in the number of infringements issued.

Auckland Transport says infringements have now returned to similar levels before the CCTV was put in place.

"The lane on Fanshawe Street currently carries more than 5,000 people during the morning peak hour, compared to approximately 1800 people in cars in the other two lanes," Mr Strawbridge says.

Bus lanes can be used by buses, motorcycles, scooters and cyclists. Any other vehicles can enter the bus lane to turn left up to 50 metres before turning.


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