Portable gas cooker explodes in Christchurch cooking accident

A portable gas cooker has exploded inside a Christchurch house on Monday, leaving the occupant injured.

The occupant was reportedly trying to cook when the accident occurred. Neighbours in the inner suburb of Opawa told Newshub a man ran out of the Hawford Rd house in his underwear after the blast.

A Newshub reporter on the scene says the explosion blew numerous windows out the house. Images show multiple emergency response vehicles at the site, including police, ambulance and Fire and Emergency teams.

The victim is believed to have suffered mild injuries.

The house where the incident occurred.
The house where the incident occurred. Photo credit: Newshub

A Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson told NZME they were attending the incident. The victim is believed to have suffered burns from the fire.

"There has been a report of an explosion at the address. We have arrived and found that the occupant was cooking with portable gas and the accident happened," he said.

"We are currently assisting the patient administering first aid."


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