Pro wrestlers raising funds to get Kiwi 'wrestling nut' with rare disorder to WWE

Kiwi wrestlers are taking on a new challenge: to help a number one fan reach his ultimate dream.

For many fans, wrestling is sports entertainment - but for Mitchell Fels, it's his life.

He's grappling with his own disease; Mr Fels was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a progressive disease that causes muscle wastage.

The simple tasks of itching his nose or brushing his teeth have to be done by his carers, mum Jan and dad Paul. At present, Mitchell can just use his computer mouse and drive his power wheelchair.

He's been in a wheelchair since he was eight, and at 25 he's beating the odds.

"It's not easy," says Mitchell, "so coming to wrestling is one of my main interests which keeps me going."

"He's an absolute wrestling nut," says his mother Jan Fels. "[He] eats, drinks, breathes wrestling."

She fears his condition would be unbearable without it, and says if he could watch WrestleMania live in the US next year, it would be the pinnacle of his life.

So New Zealand pro wrestler Vinny Dunn decided to do something about it, launching a Givealittle campaign. 

"It's moved me - it's moved me to want to do something for him and pay back in a sense," says Mr Dunn.

Team mate Reuben de Jong says it's the ultimate in wrestling.

"For a young kid in New Zealand, in his condition, to be able to make it to WrestleMania and check that off his list, it would be unbelievable for him," says Mr de Jong.

Just getting Mitchell to New Jersey in April next year will be a feat in itself. He can only fly for limited hours at a time due to cardiac and respiratory problems that come with DMD.

But for Mitchell, wrestling with his own disease, it would mean the world.

The Givealittle page can be found here.