Onlooker alarmed by 'super dramatic' manoeuvre at Wellington Airport

A Kiwi businessman was shocked to see a Jetstar plane take what he called "super dramatic" actions to avoid an incoming plane at Wellington Airport.

Justin Flitter told Newshub he witnessed a Jetstar flight preparing to take off at the south end of Wellington Airport, when a smaller Fiji Airways plane attempted to land around it.

But Airways New Zealand said the Jetsar flight had been quickly moved off the runway when the air controller made the assessment there was not sufficient room for the take-off to happen.

A plan had also been put in place to send the Fiji Airways plane around if a safe level of separation between the two could not be maintained. 

However, a "go-around was not required as the two aircraft remained safely separated throughout both landings".

Mr Flitter said he saw a Jetstar aircraft need to take a "super dramatic turn" to avoid the incoming plane.

"At that point everyone knew how it close it was... yeah, it was close," he said. "It was just in time for the Fiji [Airways] plane to come in over the top of it almost."

The Fiji Airways plane apparently tipped its wing to make sure there was enough clear room to not hit the Jetstar aircraft, said Mr Flitter.

But Airways said it is difficult for people standing on the ground to understand what was happening in the air.