Terri Friesen 'rapt, relieved' after manslaughter conviction quashed

A Taranaki mother who had a manslaughter conviction for the death of her baby quashed says she feels like a new person.

Terri Friesen had the conviction on her record for 30 years, but it has now been wiped by the Court of Appeal.

Speaking exclusively to Newshub, Ms Friesen said: "I don't know what to say. I'm rapt. I'm relieved and thankful for everybody's help.

"Without everybody participating that has, I wouldn't be here - and no one would still know the truth of what happened to my baby.

"It was weird because one minute I'm really happy because the day has arrived finally, and at the same time it brought back all the sadness of the memories of how we got to be here in the first place."

Terri's friend and law student Kelly Phillips told Newshub she hopes Ms Friesen can now move on with her life, spend time with her seven children and be happier.

"I can only imagine what it has been like for Terri to sit through 30 years of having a wrongful conviction hanging over her head, and to hear those words that the conviction is quashed, it's really incredible."

Ms Phillips found out about Ms Friesen's case while watching a documentary programme called I Am Innocent, and then got in touch with her to see how she could help.

She then contacted private investigator Tim McKinnel, who helped on Teina Pora's case, and he agreed to help out too.

"Terri's had to wait almost 30 years for this to be dealt with, and that's just not good enough," he said.

"Somebody in the criminal justice system should have done something about Terri's convictions a long time before now."