Traffic ticket system could 'cease to operate'

Police are reportedly issuing so many traffic tickets the system is about to break.

A joint NZTA-Police briefing issued to Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter and Police Minister Stuart Nash says the Police Infringement Processing System (PIPS) could "cease to operate" soon, reports NZME.

"PIPS does not have the capacity to cope with increasing internal and external volume, such as that generated through an expanded safety camera programme alongside increasing numbers of frontline staff," it reads.

Putting in more speed cameras and increasing the number of police on the beat is causing "significant and ongoing" costs.

Mr Nash told NZME he's been told the system will need replacing at some stage, but will "rely on police to maintain the integrity of the system from within baselines for now".

Police said they're looking at a replacement, but don't have a contingency plan in case the current one broke down.

The most profitable speed camera in the country is in Whangarei, snapping more than 24,000 speeders and bringing in more than $2 million in revenue.

Thirty-three new cameras were installed earlier this year, with dozens more on the way.

The Government has added 1800 new police frontline roles, to be filled over the next three years.


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