Bird of the Year: Last chance to vote

Voting closes Sunday night in the popular Bird of the Year competition.

The Forest & Bird-run poll aims to raise awareness about some of our most endangered birds.

Spokeswoman Laura Keown says it is growing in popularity thanks to "the rise of social media and the internet and people being so clever with making memes and videos and hilarious puns".

The winner of the competition will be announced on Monday, and Forest & Bird is keeping tight-lipped on which feathery friend will take the trophy.

"The kererū and the kākāpo were in the lead when the votes were last visible," says Ms Keown.

Voting closes at 5pm.

This year's competition hasn't seen quite the amount of attempted cheating there's been in previous years. Australians forged around 300 votes for the shag to win, but were caught and the votes wiped.

Ms Keown says they have been quick to act.

"We're very excited that people want to get in behind Bird of the Year… but they should not commit voter fraud. That's very naughty, and they'll always be caught."

The kea was crowned the winner last year.