Hero dad saved kids from bus collision in Auckland

A father saved his two children from being hit by a bus that crashed into a shop on Auckland's North Shore. 

A policeman told Newshub reporter Alexandra Nelson that a father and his two kids were walking across a pedestrian crossing on Friday when the bus hit a Dollar Dealers building in Birkenhead. 

"One of the policemen I spoke to says it was a father and his two kids who were walking across the pedestrian crossing when the bus hit," Nelson said. 

The father pushed his two kids out of the way upon realising that they would be hit by the bus, the policeman told Newshub. 

The father was hit by the bus, and sustained minor injuries, but his children are said to be unharmed. 

The bus.
The bus. Photo credit: Supplied

The bus driver is shaken up and police are now investigating to find out what caused the crash. 

Police said three pedestrians were hurt in the crash, two moderately.

Cordons were put in place on Birkenhead Rd at the intersections of Onewa Rd and Mokoia Rd.

A witness Nelson spoke to earlier who was in the shop said it was scary seeing a massive bus coming towards him. 

He told Nelson he saw someone sitting on a bench manage to get out of the bus' way just in time.   

He said the bench is "now absolutely squashed by one of the bus' rear wheels".

bus crash
No one was seriously hurt in the crash. Photo credit: Newshub.
The bus crashed around midday on Friday.
The bus crashed around midday on Friday. Photo credit: Supplied

Police said no one inside the building was hurt. 


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