Dog dies after suspected 1080 poisoning

  • 17/10/2018
Dog dies after suspected 1080 poisoning

A pet dog has died from suspected 1080 poisoning following a walk through Auckland's Hunua Ranges last Saturday.

The Labrador, Essi, began vomiting a "bright-green substance" and then started shaking uncontrollably at the after-hours vet.

Essi was given a sedative but the fits did not stop, so a decision was made to have her euthanised, Stuff reported.

1080 is the likely cause of the poisoning however, this is not confirmed.

The Hunua Ranges had just reopened following an aerial drop of 1080, in bait form.

This was part of a pest eradication scheme.

Auckland Council's Operation lead Rachel Kelleher told Stuff that, although the clearance programme was completed in the area and warning signs were put up, "it is possible that dogs could have come into contact with baits and carcasses if not closely supervised."

Essi's owners told Stuff they did not have her on a lead but she was in their sight at all times.

They said they would hate for another family to go through the same thing.

The veterinary clinic's practice manager, Jenny Ford, told Stuff she could not be completely sure if it was slug bait or 1080. A sample had been taken for testing.

There was a 5 to ten percent chance of Essi surviving but an almost 100 percent chance that she would have brain damage.

The incident comes a month after The Department of Conservation (DoC) undertook an investigation into the deaths of eight cattle, following an aerial drop of 1080 near Te Kuiti.