Dunedin City Council proposal riles residents of world's steepest street

Residents of the world's steepest street have rejected a series of changes aimed at improving safety around the popular tourist spot.

The Dunedin City Council wanted to narrow Baldwin St, installing speed bumps and making parts of it one-way.

It's a free tourist attraction that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, but residents living on it have had enough.

"The main problem, I guess, is just keeping traffic out of the street - and then when there are pedestrians there, keep them on the footpaths," local Gary Dixon told Newshub.

Dunedin locals are concerned about safety and insist the rejection wasn't about trying to get rid of the tourists.

"We're quite willing to share, but we don't want to see people getting injured and hurt," said Andrew Cridge.

On Tuesday night, the council invited Baldwin St residents to a private meeting to discuss their concerns, with many keen to see traffic up and down the street restricted.

The council proposed narrowing the street, installing speed bumps and one-way sections. But residents believe that would create more problems than it solves.

"The plan that they had come up with was completely rejected by more or less everybody," said resident Sue Marshall.

However the council remains confident it can balance the needs of residents.

"Yes, we believe so," said Dunedin City Council transport strategy manager Nick Sargent.

"This is the start of a conversation with the community and the wider users of the street as well."

The council is promising to come back with fresh ideas to help improve safety for tourists that keep the residents happy.