'Keeping the masses ignorant': Flat-Earther shuns traditional science

  • 19/10/2018

Conspiracy researcher Pat Balemi from Hamilton is convinced the Earth is flat. 

He doesn't believe what traditional science says about the planet's shape, telling The Project on Friday he's "always been a bit suspicious of some stories," and that he doesn't believe "the official narrative". 

"It's not a sphere. The science has been a bit hijacked for about 500 years and we've believed that global thing for about 500 years," said Mr Balemi, who fashions himself a 'reality activist'. 

"I'd say the Earth is pretty much flat," he added. "You know some people say [the earth is] concave, some say it's convex, [and] some say it's hollow. The undeniable truth is that it's not a sphere; it doesn't stand up to scientific rigor."

The Project's Jeremy Corbett questioned Mr Balemi's theory, pointing to photos taken of the Earth from space, which clearly depict it as being round. 

But Mr Balemi dismisses those images, claiming they are are computer generated. 

"We need to now look at why we've been told other things, and study actual real science," he told The Project. "Not pseudo-science or scientism, which is what we've been presented with."

Corbett pressed Mr Balemi on what would motivate scientists to falsify the Earth's shape to the world. His response: "Control, keeping the masses ignorant," and "to hide us from our true identity". 

"I've always been a bit suspicious of some stories, I've always been asking questions, 9/11 was a big one for me," he said, referring to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. 

He said 9/11 was "clearly an inside job", adding that it "only takes one lie to open a whole can of worms". 

Groups of flat-Earth societies are understood to date back to the middle of the 20th century. In modern times, through social media, flat-Earthers have been able to spread their ideas and attract others to the cause. 

The Project's Kanoa Lloyd said Mr Balemi's views on the Earth's shape do not affect her. But she took offence to his comments about 9/11, saying it's not fair to question what happened to the victims of the tragedy.