Kiwis' slip, slop, slap and wrap knowledge slipping away

New Zealanders are not being sun smart, and we are paying for it with our lives, a new study reveals. 

The Otago University study exposes Kiwi's behaviours in the sun, which shows the slip, slop, slap and wrap mentality, is slipping from peoples minds. 

Professor Louise Signal says New Zealanders are not taking sun safety seriously. 

Her and her team analysed 1.3 million photos of Kiwis outdoors.

Only four percent of people were wearing hats and 10 percent seeking shade.

A shocking result as New Zealand has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Every year ninety-thousand people are diagnosed - and five hundred die.

"If we don't turn the curve as they have in Australia, our rates are going astronomical, straight up," Cancer Society Advocacy and Wellbeing Manager Shayne Nahu says.

Mr Nahu says part of the reason Australia is turning the curve is their nationwide campaigns about sun smart behaviour.

A campaign he and Ms Signal claim New Zealand has not had, for nearly a decade.

The Government funds some programmes through the Health Promotion Agency - but Mr Nahu says it's not enough.

"They are restrained in the funding they get - we can only do so much with what is provided, so they are not getting enough."

Associate Health Minister Jenny Salesa says there are already a number of sunsmart promotions underway but the officials will discuss these findings to decide if they need to do more


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