New Zealand could gain billions of dollars through flexible working hours

An expert has said flexible working hours increases productivity and decreases stress in the workplace.

A recent study claimed, if flexible working hours were adopted, New Zealand could gain between $16 and $18 billion.

Speaking to the AM Show, IWG New Zealand Country Manager Pierre Ferrandon said employees respond well to flexible hours and working locations.

"It's about reducing wastage," Mr Ferrandon said.

"When you have employees commuting in and out, typically offices are only used 52 percent of the time."

 "It's about providing a network of offices for employees to work wherever they want," Mr Ferrandon said.

"Closer to home means they can spend more time with their family."

He said the biggest obstacle for employers is being able to trust their staff to get work done while not being in the same office and under constant supervision.

"I don't see my employees more than two or three times a week, I just trust them to work."

"Trust is a main element - being able to empower your employees to choose their hours and get the work done."