Notorious shoe thief Cooper the cat strikes again

A Canterbury cat that gained infamy for swiping his neighbours' shoes has struck again after a long hiatus from illegal activity.

Cooper the cat burglar from Rangiora was outed by his owner in January after stealing 30 pairs. Now he has struck again, taking seven pairs overnight on Tuesday. 

His owner Jacinta O'Donnell says she doesn't know what has triggered the recent spate and admits it isn't as bad as the first round.

"It was a lot worse last time, [he] had a bit of break and he's started back up and not quite as bad," she says.

"There were so many [last time] I lost count... 30 odd pairs of shoes, it just got out of control!"

Luckily people aren't angry about his snatching sprees but instead think it's funny. 

"I don't know why he does it. People are pretty good about it and get in contact. We post stuff on Facebook and anyone who wants to claim their shoes knows where to go."

Ms O'Donnell adopted Cooper in July last year.

She says she had been told about his shoe stealing tendency before she took him in, and kept him inside at first.

But once she let him outside he was back to his old habits. 

"Usually he brings one, maybe a few shoes back in the early hours of the morning then the next day he brings back the other. I guess he likes shoes."

Ms O'Donnell and her partner ended up installing a camera to catch Cooper in the act, but now it seems he's back to his old ways.


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