NZ Scrabble master brings home fourth world title

New Zealander Nigel Richards has won the World Scrabble Champs for the fourth time.

It's a game known for its skill, strategy and word play, and a Kiwi giant of the game has triumphed yet again.

What Muhammad Ali is to boxing, Nigel Richards is to Scrabble - taking out the world title for an incredible fourth time.

Christchurch born Richards, who now lives in Malaysia, defeated his Californian opponent Jesse Day with the word 'groutier', which means 'cross' or 'sullen'.

After his loss, Day described the 51-year-old Kiwi as the greatest there has ever been and ever will be. 

Richards once famously won the French Scrabble championships, despite hardly speaking any French. He did it by memorising the entire French Scrabble dictionary in nine weeks.

Richards said he's "not sure there is a secret" to winning, claiming "it's just a matter of learning the words."

When it comes to interviews, he's a man of few words - but when it comes to Scrabble, he seems to know every word there is.

A new Kiwi edition of Scrabble has just been released to celebrate the board game's 70th anniversary.