Packs of lycra cyclists 'annoying everyone' - Ryan Bridge

  • 24/10/2018

Ryan Bridge has come out swinging against one particular type of cyclist: those who wear lycra.

After watching a video of a group of cyclists crossing a road's centre line, Bridge - hosting The AM Show in Duncan Garner's absence - had no kind words for people who ride bikes in form-fitting spandex outfits.

"They're travelling in packs, they're largely middle-aged men, they're only out on Saturday and Sunday," he said.

"They're arrogant, there's a huge ego on them. Their ego is as wide as them, four or five abreast on the roads. And the problem is they've got no regard for other people, they've got no regard for motorists who are behind them.

"They go and get their lattes at the coffee shop, I think they're getting away from their wives as well, they're just annoying everyone."

But lycra cyclists found an unlikely defender in co-host Mark Richardson, who admits he was once one of them.

"You need the lycra if you're cycling a long way. You've got specially built tops with all the pockets and things like that, and they happen to be made of lycra. The lycra shorts you need because over a long period of time it's way more comfortable and way more practical."

Bridge said the kinds of cyclists who wear lycra aren't going to shave any seconds off their cycling time because they've got "the biggest pot bellies you've ever seen".

"Now you're just being sizeist," chided co-host Amanda Gillies.

"They're out there doing something for their pot bellies," Richardson countered.

"But I will give you this: when I became a cyclist I became a very angry man. I would finish cycles and I would be really really angry. Now I'm not riding anymore I've become a very mild-mannered, affable character."

Gillies joked that Richardson must be cycling to work every morning to explain his grumpiness.