Police warning after man urges Kiwi kids to 'pour custard over themselves'

  • 18/10/2018

Police are urging parents to be vigilant after uncovering worrying posts on social media offering Kiwi kids rewards in exchange for them undertaking strange acts.

A man has been asking children aged between nine and 13 asked to participate in a 'game' that involved "gunging, sliming or pouring custard over themselves", police say.

In exchange for the children carrying out the acts, the man would offer vouchers, money or tickets to events.

The suspicious posts were made on community pages in Wellington and Auckland, and police are investigating.

The man justifies the requests by saying it is part of his training for youth work or tertiary study, but police have established he is not doing either of these things.

Police say parents should be wary of his threat, and check in with their kids to ensure they are not engaging with him online.