Rachel MacGregor 'not complicit' in attacks on Colin Craig - lawyer

On the final day of their defamation case, Rachel MacGregor's lawyer says she was not complicit in an attack on her former boss, Colin Craig.

The then-Conservative Party leader and his former press secretary are suing and counter-suing for defamation at the High Court in Auckland. Their case is concluding on Friday.

In closing, Ms MacGregor's lawyer Linda Clark said Ms MacGregor had asked her lawyer friend Jordan Williams for help in filing a sexual harassment complaint against Mr Craig.

She later dropped the complaint with the Human Rights Commission and signed a confidentiality agreement.

Ms Clark said Mr Williams went public with information without Ms MacGregor's knowledge.

"This is not the act of a person complicit with an attack or happy to see the attack unfold," she said.

"This is again consistent with a person who wants all of this to go away."

Mr Craig claims Ms MacGregor was involved in defaming him and divulged parts of their confidentiality agreement to someone in their personal capacity, not professional.

Both Mr Craig and Ms MacGregor argued "truth" as their defence and Mr Craig cited qualified privilege when responding to claims that arose from comments from Mr Williams.

Justice Ann Hinton has reserved her decision.