Secret plan for privately-funded Auckland waterfront stadium revealed

  • 10/10/2018
Eden Park has been hampered by its location in a residential area.
Eden Park has been hampered by its location in a residential area.

Auckland's mayor has confirmed secret plans to build a new stadium on the waterfront.

Phil Goff says he has been approached by a group of local businesses who are interested.

Auckland Council is not in a position to use ratepayers' money, and has always said a new stadium isn't a priority.

But Mr Goff says he is open to considering plans from the private sector. 

"I have been approached by a private sector consortium of local businesses who are interested in building a downtown stadium.

"Council is not in the position to finance a stadium through ratepayer funding and it is not on our current list of priorities.

"We are however open to considering a national stadium being funded from the private sector."

Mr Goff says he would welcome public feedback around the design and location of any stadium.

The mayor had ordered a report from Regional Facilities Auckland, looking at options for an alternative stadium site to Eden Park - with one potential location behind the old downtown railway station near Spark Arena.

Eden Park was upgraded for the 2011 Rugby World Cup at a cost of almost $200 million.

But the Sandringham venue is in a residential area, its owners the Eden Park Trust are struggling financially with heavy debts, and any widening of its limited use - to include, for example, night concerts - has been hampered by local residents' objections.