Cycling advocacy group 'worried' by video of Otago truckie joking about mowing down cyclist

A cycling advocacy group says it's shocked by a video showing a truck passenger joking about mowing down a cyclist and abusing the rider as they pass.

A Clearwater Civil Ltd employee put the video of the abuse on Facebook before it was pulled down. 

It showed the truck following a lone cyclist, who is wearing high-vis and keeping to the side of Portobello Rd on the Otago Peninsula.

The employee sitting in the passenger seat of the truck urged the driver to run over the cyclist and hurled a torrent of expletive-laden abuse at them.

"Run him over, Greg mate - do it... Out of the way you cabbage!" the employee says. 

The video has disappointed cycling advocates, who say videos like this have the potential to set a bad precedent for other road users.

"Bullying, abusing and threatening someone on a bike is not okay," Cycling Action Network Spokesman Patrick Morgan says. 

"Most drivers do the right thing, but we are worried that this kind of behaviour gives some people [to think] that it's okay to threaten or bully people on bikes - and that's not okay."

Dunedin contracting company Clearwater Civil confirmed to Newshub that the man recorded speaking in the video is one of their employees, and that they're following up the matter.

Police say they're not investigating, as there's nothing to suggest the driver paid any notice to his passenger or had any intention of carrying out what he was suggesting.