Man breaks Wellington sculpture by swinging on it

Facebook Len Lye sculpture
Photo credit: Facebook/Sarik Eng

A man has broken a Len Lye sculpture that cost more than $1 million to install on Wellington's waterfront after he dangled across it. 

A video of the man posted to Facebook shows him swinging along the 'Water Whirler' sculpture as it bends over the water. As he makes his way across the sculpture, it snaps and he falls in the water.

The Wellington City Council says the man was injured and taken to hospital. They are working with police to investigate the incident, and the area has been cordoned off.

Wellington mayor Justin Lester told Radio New Zealand the sculpture cost more than $1 million to install. 

The sculpture was installed by the council in 2006. It is a motorised pole which emits water from jets set into it as it rotates, creating a water pattern.