Whangarei holiday park manager recalls moment stabbing victim arrived

Forensics are closely going over every detail found at a property, including a shoe and a broken cell phone, in the suburb of Raumanga in Whangarei. 

It was next door at the Otaika Motel and Holiday Park  that a young man sought help after he was stabbed in the chest in the early hours of Sunday.

Manger Martin Clark called the police.

"I got woken up by someone bashing on the front window of the office. I got out of bed and went downstairs and there was a young guy down there who had preceded to one of the units and was sitting on a chair collapsed, collapsed on chair, in front of the unit and they said he'd been stabbed and he needed help," Mr Clark told Newshub.

Attempts were made to revive him but the young man died at the scene. He was in his mid-twenties and was reportedly soon to become a father.

Mr Clark said the man was not attacked on his property and believed the incident happened nearby.

"I couldn't say 100 percent (where the attack happened), but I'm pretty sure he came from that property to our property because that's where the blood trail obviously leads," Mr Clark said.

Otaiki Motel and Holiday Park owner Martin Clark.
Otaiki Motel and Holiday Park owner Martin Clark. Photo credit: Newshub.

About 70 people live at the holiday park permanently. Mr Clark wanted to make it clear the victim didn't live there, and that residents at the park were friendly.

Locals at Raumanga were open and friendly when Newshub visited - but gang colours are prevalent.

One woman who recently moved from Manurewa about a year ago said the area had become increasingly violent.

The scene at Raumanga remains cordoned off and forensics expect to remain there until well into the evening.

Police are still searching for the attacker as the murder investigation continues.

Detective Inspector Dene Begbie said officers were still trying to figure where the attack took place.

"That's a key part of what we're doing. The priority for us is firstly to support the family and then to establish the circumstances around how he's come to sustain these injuries," he said.

Police want to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area late on Saturday or early Sunday.


Note: A previous story incorrectly said Martin Clark was the holiday park owner.



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