'You are outstanding': Prince Harry's kind words to Pillars beneficiaries

Prince Harry and Meghan were finally able to 'unwrap' their wedding gift today, five months on from their big day.

New Zealand donated $5000 to the charity Pillars on their behalf - an organisation that supports the children and families of prisoners.

The royals presented four awards, two to Auckland brother and sister Morgan and Orla Anga.

"We couldn't be happier to support such fantastic work," Prince Harry said. 

"You are outstanding young people and I know you will use this opportunity to create exciting futures for yourself and to act as role models for others in your communities."

The siblings took the meeting with royalty in their stride.

"I thought it'd be more nerve-wracking but it was fine," Orla, 15, said.

It was a great honour, Morgan said.

"They're good people, they're real open and approachable."

Morgan, 18, said he would use the money to help pay for his university studies next year, and Orla would also put her money towards education.

Their father served three years in prison and was recently released, but they said their relationships with their mentors on the programme would continue.

Morgan said he planned on being a mentor in the future also.