6300 minutes of cycling raises almost $5000 for charity

A Wellington student has spent most of this week pedalling on a stationary bike, raising money for New Zealand children living in state care.

Mana Williams-Eade wants to raise funds and educate people on the state care system.

With plenty of support behind him, the wheels are finally turning; he has cycled 6300 minutes across five days - taking just a few hours rest a day.

The passionate cyclist studies part-time and works for Oranga Tamariki. He's also a trustee for VOYCE Whakarongo Mai - an independent support service for children in care.

He's already raised thousands to help the Voyce charity create memorable outings for kids who might otherwise miss out.

"The event is to raise awareness through riding one minute for every child and young person living in state care," he said.

Mana spent time in state care and was then raised by his Aunty, Lorraine Eade.

She went along for his final day, which also happened to be his 21st birthday.

"I think for a 21st it wouldn't be my option but, five days nonstop cycling.... we're really proud of him," she said. 

Mana and his supporters said they have plenty more work to go to ensure all tamariki have equal opportunities.

If you'd like to support Mana's cause, you can do so through his fundraising page.