'All of us are devastated': Charity boxer Kain Parsons' family speak out on shock death

The grieving family of boxer Kain Parsons has spoken to Newshub, paying tribute to the family man.

This comes as Boxing New Zealand has decided to cut all ties with corporate charity boxing matches.

He is being remembered as an incredibly special man, who's left a huge gap in the lives of his family.

"All of us are devastated by the loss of such a wonderful person," Mr Parsons' father-in-law, Dr Peter Benny, told Newshub. 

"We are all going through a very, very difficult time and that's because Kain was such a wonderful, wonderful man."

The father-of-three's life support was turned off on Wednesday after he was critically injured in charity boxing event Fight for Christchurch on Saturday night.

Mr Parsons' father-in-law Peter Benny says the 37-year-old's drive to help others was what got him in the ring to fight for a children's charity.

"He felt that he was informed and knew what he was doing - he's just so driven to do good," he said.

On Thursday, Boxing New Zealand moved to distance themselves from charity boxing.

"We dont want to mix up with this great safety record we have with the sport with a side of the sport that we can't control," the organisation's president Keith Walker said.

Boxing New Zealand is one of five bodies that can issue licences for charity boxing events - each have different rules and regulations.

"We need to make a stand of where we are placed in this sport and how we actually govern it," Mr Walker said.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is seeking advice on whether more can be done to make charity boxing events safer.

"We've had two deaths in two years - and thats two deaths too many," said Tracey Martin.

"Like everybody else at the moment, I'm concerned that there seems to be a gap in the regulation and the legislation right now."

But that's little comfort for Kain Parsons' grieving family, who are tonight remembering him as a devoted father and husband who lost his life trying to help others.