Auckland man starts petition calling for driver testing every 10 years

A road with yellow lines on it.
Photo credit: Getty

An Auckland man has started a new petition calling for mandatory driver testing every 10 years in a bid to get rid of bad drivers.

Geoff Upson told Stuff he thinks its wrong people who aren't good or safe drivers can renew their licence easily.

"If anybody tells you they're a great driver then they probably have some bad habits that they don't even realise they do," he said.

Mr Upson is proposing a new system where people must pass a driving test before renewing their licence at the AA.

Failing the test wouldn't mean automatically losing your licence, but people would need to have passed the test before a new licence was issued.

"You may want to consider doing your test and renewing your license after nine-and-a-half-years to ensure you have plenty of time in case you need to re-book your test due to failing," he wrote in the petition's description.

The Ministry of Transport is not ruling out the proposal, but said it was not currently a priority.

"There is little evidence to suggest that the resource and time required to run or sit mandated tests would lead to the level of improvement in road safety we are after," Ministry of Transport mobility and safety manager Brent Johnston told Stuff.

The petition currently has a little over 250 signatures, with a goal of 500.