Auckland petrol price war: Where to find the cheapest fuel

Auckland drivers are finding relief from soaring fuel prices, with prices dropping to a low of $2.09 per litre at Gull.

Drivers around Auckland are rejoicing after the discovery of prices cuts at Gull stations, which has driven the petrol company's competitors' prices down too.

The drop is a cunning tactic amid the fuel tax chokehold that Auckland is currently experiencing.

A member of the Swanson/Ranui Community Facebook page shared their find on Wednesday night, with others chiming in to report similar findings across other Gull stations throughout west Auckland.

According to the app Gaspy, Gull is currently championing the prices - its lowest $2.09 a litre at its self-service lane in Rosebank.

At the time of writing, Gull had Auckland's 23 cheapest petrol stations. BP in New Lynn had the 24th cheapest fuel in Auckland, at just under $2.18 a litre.

Gull's website says that it occasionally like to "drop our already low pump prices to pass on extra value to our customers and let the fun go further". 

The company goes on to reference the effect that these drops can have on its competition.

"From time to time other stations try to follow us and match our prices, in what's known as the 'Gull effect'," it writes.